Why do you always end your boil at 6-7 gallons if your batch size is 5 gallons?

I end at a volume greater than my batch size because I clarify my wort. This is a technique that I learned from Brewing Better Beer by Gordon Strong. Click here (link and tutorial coming soon!) to see my post on how to clarify your wort prior to pitching your yeast, or better yet, grab a copy of Brewing Better Beer and learn a bunch more awesome techniques! If you already have this book, this technique can be found on page 62.

Is Gambrinus Honey Malt vegan?

Incredibly, it is! According to an email response from Gambrinus, “Our Honey Malt, like all our other malts, is completely vegan. All the flavoring and aroma comes from our unique malting process. No honey, or any other ingredient, is added.” “Our process is a carefully kept secret, so I won’t be commenting any further than that [in response to me asking how the honey-like character is achieved]. However, you can take solace in the fact that we are safely vegan.” – Awesome!