Hello there!

My name is Greg – welcome to Maltophonic, my future brewery and outlet for exercising a few of my biggest passions:

  • Brewing Beer
  • Corporate Identity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design

I have been brewing since November 2011 when my Dad bought the two of us a Deluxe Kit from Brew Your Own Brew, setting us up with everything we needed to brew batches using the extract with steeping grains process. After brewing a handful of batches, we ditched ingredient kits and started designing our own recipes. Having great success with my own recipes, it wasn’t long before I took over the brewing entirely. I was given the whole equipment kit. Shortly after that, I brewed my first all-grain batch with a great friend of mine, Toby. The brew session and the resulting Orval clone with added chai tea were a great success – I’ve been brewing all-grain beer since then. When I noticed the “Help wanted” sign on the door at my local home brew store, I quickly applied and got the position. Just shy of two years later, in January 2015, I became the Store Manager, and I have worked there since.

While my journey with brewing provides all of my content, greater interests of mine keep this blog going – digital marketing and branding. I am currently seeking a full-time digital marketing position within a great company. If you know of any relevant openings, please let me know!






Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any breweries or companies. I represent myself, as a passionate home brewer. All mentioned company names, brewery names, beer names, and beer specifications are from public sources and are intended for educational purposes only. If you are from a brewery and find any conflicts of interest on my blog, kindly email me at maltophonic@gmail.com and I will work with you to resolve any issues as soon as possible. Please note that if I mention your brewery or your beer on this blog, it is out of love and my passion for what you brew. I hope that my blog will encourage my viewers to try your beer. Also note that most brewers attempting to clone your beer tend to be repeat buyers of your beer who are incredibly passionate about one or more of your beers. When they try to clone it, they’ll likely be buying even more of your beer to do a side-by-side comparison, and they’ll probably have their friends over for the side-by-side tasting. Those friends will then likely go out to buy the beer and spread the word because they also loved it. Up go your sales.